After 25 years of working with various artists Johannes Maria Knoll decided to step into the front row to release his first instrumental guitar-album titled "transcended".

He is joined by two incredible musicians: Christian Eigner on drums and Gerald Schaffhauser on bass.


The 17 - mainly rock - tracks pay homage to "The Holy Bible" with all it´s force, it´s darkness, it´s distortion, it´s epic broadness, it´s catastrophies, it´s brutality, it´s treasons, it´s light, it´s cleanness,  it´s philosophy, it´s morality, it´s hope, it´s glory,

it´s power, it´s kindness, it´s wisdom, it´s truth, it´s salvation and it´s





"My attempt was to create my personal soundtrack of "The Holy Bible"

- as I understand it -

After years of searching and floating through life I finally found rest and peace

in God and his son Jesus Christ who came in the flesh.

This record is my testimony!

...and it rocks!!!"


 Johannes Maria Knoll




Johannes Maria Knoll - guitars, keys, programming

Gerald Schaffhauser - bass

Cristian Eigner - drums


recorded and mixed by Chris Scheidl

mastered by Martin Scheer

artwork by Sigrid Brandl